Service in Workshop/ Competition

[8] General Chair, 2018 Intelligent Production Scheduling System Workshop (智慧生產排程系統研習會) (Dec. 1, 2018)

[7] General Chair, Intelligent Manufacturing and Industry Practice Workshop (智慧製造與產業實務研習會) (August 4, 2018) (News)

[6] Judge, The 5th Delta Advanced Automation Contest 第五届“台达杯”高校自动化设计大赛“发现智造高手” (July 24-25, 2018).

[5] General Chair, Productivity and Data Envelopment Analysis Workshop (生產力與資料包絡分析研習會) (July 2017)

[4] Session Chair, Hsinchu Science Park "Industry 4.0 and Big Data" Workshop (竹科學工業園區工業4.0與大數據」高峰論壇) (Nov. 27, 2015)

[3] Local Arrangement, 2015 Big Data Analytics for Semiconductor Manufacturing (第二屆半導體大數據分析競賽) (Aug. 2015)

[2] Local Arrangement, 2014 Big Data Analytics for Semiconductor Manufacturing (第一屆半導體大數據分析競賽) (Sept. 2014)

[1] General Chair, Productivity and Data Envelopment Analysis Workshop (生產力與資料包絡分析研習會) (July 2014)

  Journal Editor

[1] Editorial Board, Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal (Springer). (Jan. 2016)

  Journal Reviewer

[34] European Journal of Operational Research
[33] Journal of Productivity Analysis
[32] Energy Economics
[31] Annals of Operations Research
[29] OR Spectrum
[28] Journal of Environmental Management
[27] Journal of the Operational Research Society
[26] Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications
[25] IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing
[24] Managerial Finance
[23] Omega: The International Journal of Management Science
[22] International Journal of Production Research
[21] Applied Soft Computing
[20] Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice
[19] International Journal of Production Economics
[18] Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal
[17] Computers & Industrial Engineering
[16] Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing
[15] International Journal of Fuzzy Sysetms
[14] Resources, Conservation & Recycling
[13] Applied Mathematical Modelling
[12] Energy and Environment
[11] International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems
[10] European Journal of Industrial Engineering
[9] International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making
[8] Mathematical Problems in Engineering
[7] International Transactions in Operational Research
[6] Asian Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering
[5] The Data Envelopment Analysis Journal
[4] Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering
[3] International Journal of Operations Research
[2] International Journal of Industrial Engineering: Theory, Applications and Practice
[1] Industrial Engineering and Management Systems

  International Scholar Invitation

[6] Chen Kaihua (陳凱華), 創新效率測度的演化與數據包絡分析的發展, 中科院科技政策与管理科研所. (July, 2017)

[5] Chen, Chien-Ming (陳建銘), DEA模型與零售服務分析, Nanyang Technological University (南洋理工大學). (July, 2017)

[4] Johnson, Andrew. L., Large Scale Benchmarking of Manufacturing Performance, Texas A&M University, USA. (Aug. 12, 2016)

[3] Wang, Ke (王科), Sources of Energy Productivity Change in China during 1997-2012, Beijing Institute of Technology (北京理工大學). (July, 2015)

[2] Chen, Chien-Ming (陳建銘), DEA頂尖期刊論文之經驗分享, Nanyang Technological University (南洋理工大學). (July, 2014)

[1] Zhou, Peng (周鵬), 效率視角下的能源與環境解析, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (南京航空航天大學). (July, 2014)

  Service in Taiwan / International Conference

[15] Special Session Chair, Environment and Energy Efficiency, Asia-Pacific Productivity Conference (APPC2018). (July 4-6, 2018, Seoul, Korea)

[14] Special Session Chair, Data Science in Manufactuirng, 2018 INFORMS International Conference. (June 17-20, 2018, Taipei, Taiwan)

[13] Program Committee Co-Chair & Award Organizing Chair, 2018 International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing Intelligence (ISMI2018) & 2018 IEEE International Conference on Smart Manufacturing, Industrial & Logistics Engineering (IEEE SMILE 2018). (Feb. 7-9, 2018, Hsinchu, Taiwan)

[12] Reviewer, IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering. (IEEE CASE 2017)

[11] Program Committee and Special Session Chair, Data Science in Manufacturing, The 27th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM2017), Modena, Italy (Jun. 27-30, 2017).

[10] Reviewer, The 17th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Conference (APIEMS, 2016).

[9] Award Organizing Chair, 2016 International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing Intelligence, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan. (Aug. 7-10, 2016)

[8] International Scientific Committee, Data Envelopment Analysis International Conference: Methodology Advances and Applications in Governance and Management, Nanjing Audit University (NAU), Nanjing, China. (July 2-5, 2016)

[7] Reviewer, 2015 Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers (CIIE) Conference & Annual Meeting, Taichung, Taiwan.

[6] Reviewer, The 16th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Conference (APIEMS, 2015).

[5] Session Co-Chair, Session of Quantitative Methods in Semiconductor Manufacturing, IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering. (IEEE CASE 2015)

[4] Organization Chair, International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing Intelligence, Aug. 16-18, Taipei, Taiwan. (ISMI, 2014)

[3] Associate Editor for Manufacturing Automation, IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering. (IEEE CASE 2014)

[2] Exhibition Co-Chair, IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering. (IEEE CASE 2014)

[1] Session Chair, 2012 Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers Conference & Annual Meeting (CIIE 2012)

  Business Visiting and Fab Tour

[15] 李長榮化工 LCY Chemical Group (August 17, 2018)  (Photo1) (Photo2)

[14] 世豐螺絲股份有限公司  (July 24, 2017)

[13] 東台精機股份有限公司  (Mar. 27, 2017)

[12] 亞德客AirTAC國際集團  (Jan. 17, 2017) (Photo1) (Photo2)

[11] 中安養殖場 Chung-An Aquatic Farm (Jul. 27, 2016) (Photo1) (Photo2)

[10] 龍鼎生命科學股份有限公司 Lung Ting Life Sciences Co. (Oct. 16, 2015) (Photo1) (Photo2)

[9] 群創光電 Innolux Corporation (Sept. 3, 2015)

[8] 臺灣菸酒股份有限公司-善化啤酒廠 Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation (Sept. 2, 2015)

[7] 日月光半導體製造股份有限公司 Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) Inc. (Mar. 2015)

[6] 華新麗華股份有限公司  Walsin Lihwa Corp. (Dec. 2014)

[5] 三星科技股份有限公司 SAN SHING FASTECH CORP. (Dec. 2014)

[4] 翰林教育文化出版事業股份有限公司 HAN LIN PUBLISHING CO. (Nov. 2014)

[3] 可成科技股份有限公司 Catcher Technology Co. (Oct., 2014)

[2] 統欣生物科技股份有限公司Uni-President Biotech Co. (Oct., 2014)

[1] 台惟工業股份有限公司 Taiway LTD. (May., 2014)

  Service in NCKU

[10] IMIS 課程委員會代表 (Aug. 2017 -)

[9] CSIE 課程委員會委員 (Aug. 2017 -)

[8] 電機資訊學院教育學程招生委員會委員 (Feb. 2017 -)

[7] CSIE 學術委員會委員 (Aug. 2015 - Jul. 2017)

[6] CSIE 學生事務會議導師代表 (Aug. 2015 -)

[5] IMIS 所照坤精密儀器大樓管委會 (Aug. 2015 - Jul. 2017)

[4] IMIS 製造所自我評鑑小組 (Aug. 2014 - Jul. 2015)

[3] IMIS Examiner for graduate admission examination (Aug. 2013 -)

[3] EMGP 工學院工程管理碩士在職專班 (Feb. 2013 -)

[2] IMIS Recruit Promotion Director (application rate up 12.7% in 2012, 55.8% in 2013, 11.9% in 2014) (Aug. 2012 - Jul. 2015)

[1] IMIS Institute Library Director (Aug. 2012 - Jul. 2015)

   Professional Affiliations

[6] Production and Operations Management Society (POMS)

[5] Co-PI, NSC Semiconductor Technologies Empowermemt Partners (STEP) Consortium, 國科會IC產業同盟計畫 (2013 -)

[4] Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

[3] Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)

[2] Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)

[1] Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers (CIIE)

  Dissertation & Thesis Committee

Ph.D. Degree
[4] 謝曜聲 (2015). VM-based Baseline Predictive Maintenance System and Automated Model Creation Scheme
      (成大製造所)    基於虛擬量測之健康基底預測保養系統和自動建模機制

[3] 高季安 (2015). Run-to-Run Control and Implementation Scheme Based on the AVM System for Mass Production Applications
      (成大製造所)    適用於量產應用之基於AVM的Run-to-Run控制與導入機制

[2] Chun-Fang Chen (陳俊方, 2014), Intelligent Sampling Decision Scheme Based on the AVM System for Mass Production Applications.
      (成大製造所)                             適用於量產應用之基於AVM的智慧型取樣決策機制

[1] Huang, Yi-Ting (黃宜婷, 2013), Automatic  Data Quality Evaluation for the Automatic Virtual Metrology (AVM) System.
      (成大製造所)                            適用於全自動虛擬量測系統的自動化資料品質評估架構

M.S. Degree
[41] 林佳瑩 (2018). Estimating Directional Shadow Prices of Air Pollutant Emissions by Road Transportation Modes

[40] 黃俊瑋 (2018). A Study of Evaluating Typhoon and Flood Disaster Preventation Performance of Taiwan Counties and Cities
      (成大經濟系)    台灣本島各縣市颱風災害防救績效評估之研究

[39] 許忠湛 (2018). Study on Dynamic Model of Multi-Axis Flexible Robot Manipulators Based on Lumped Parameter Method
      (清大工工所)    基於集總參數法之多軸撓性機器手臂動態模型研究

[38] 李碩軒 (2018). A Hybrid Shop-Floor Control System and Management Accounting for Lean Improvement Assessment- Case of Optical Glasses Manufacturing
      (清大工工所)    結合現場控制系統與管理會計之精實改善評估系統- 以光學眼鏡製造為例

[37] 孫筱韻 (2018). A Study on the Cellular System Design for the Welding Area of High-End Bicycle Manufacturing
      (清大工工所)    建構高階自行車製造之焊接區單元工程生產系統

[36] 陳紀航 (2018). Apply Intelligent Agent in Manufacturing Parameter Optimization and Empirical Study- Case Study of Precision Forming and IC Packaging Process
      (清大工工所)    應用智慧型代理人於製程參數優化及實證研究- 以精密製造和IC封裝製程為例

[35] 韓亞彤 (2018). An Empirical Study of Optimizing Chiller Operations and Electricity- Saving via Big Data Analytics for High-Tech Industries
      (清大工工所)    廠務冰水主機操作最佳化之節能實證研究

[34] 林子皓 (2018). Apply Industry 3.5 Strategy to Develop Decision Support System for Production Scheduling in Dyeing Industry: An Empirical Study
      (清大工工所)    應用工業3.5策略建構染機排程決策支援系統實證研究- 以H公司為例

[33] 李騏名 (2018). An Optimal Portfolio Selection Framework for IC Design Service Company and the Empirical Study
      (清大工工所)    專案組合選擇最佳化決策架構及實證研究- 以IC設計服務公司為例

[32] 陳苗霈 (2017). Allocation of Cost Savings in Information Sharing Supply Chain Using Cooperative Game Theory-
                                 A Case of the Tourism Souvenir Supply Chain
      (台大工工所)    以合作賽局分析資訊共享平台對於供應鏈 之成本分擔 -以旅遊伴手禮供應鏈為例

[31] 林子皓 (2017). Asset Allocation in Multi-Period Consumption to Avoid Capital Shortage
      (台大工工所)    考慮多期消費及減少資金不足之資產配置研究

[30] 高瑋駿 (2017). Performance Analysis and Optimization of Solar Thermal and Heat Pump Combisystems
      (成大航太所)    太陽能板結合熱泵複合式系統之性能分析與優化

[29] 宋偉欽 (2017). The Use of Simulation Optimization in Solving the Production Batching Problem from Bicycle Chain Manufacturing
      (成大製造所)    以模擬最佳化求解自行車鏈條生產系統之批量決策問題

[28] 陳羿彣 (2017). A Study on the Lean Management Shojinka Problem from the Dyeing Workstation of Textile Manufacturing
      (成大製造所)    紡織染整廠染色工作站精實管理少人化之研究

[27] 陳翔和 (2016). The Study of Steam Gasification with Different Degrees of Torrefied Empty Fruit Bunches
      (成大航太所)    利用不同焙燒程度棕梠空果串進行水氣氣化反應之研究

[26] 林亭妤 (2015). VM Accuracy Enhancement by Model-Based Feature Extraction
      (成大製造所)    以模型為基的特徵萃取法提升虛擬量測精度

[25] 呂兆榮 (2015). Model-Creation Considerations for Applying AVM in Mass Production Environment
      (成大製造所)    應用AVM於量產環境時的建模考量

[24] 龔芸 (2015). Reliance-Index Alarm Analysis Scheme for the AVM System
      (成大製造所)    適用於AVM系統之信心指標異常分析機制

[23] 魏駿帆 (2015). Development of New-Generation Multi-tenant Model Creation Services for AVM based on Private Cloud
      (成大製造所)    基於私有雲發展全自動虛擬量測之新一代多租戶建模服務

[22] 許家瑋 (2015). Applying the AVM Scheme to Construct a Wafer Yield Prediction System
      (成大製造所)    應用全自動虛擬量測機制建構晶圓良率推估系統

[21] 凌宥洋 (2015). A Study on the Robust Design and Quotation Strategy for the Platinum Refining Process
      (成大製造所)      白金提煉製程之穩健設計與報價策略探討

[20] 張家銘 (2015). A Study on the Lean Management for Optical Glasses Manufacturing using Discrete Event Simulation and Multiple Attribute Decision-Making Methods
      (成大製造所)      以離散事件模擬與多屬性決策系統探討光學眼鏡製造之精實管理

[19] 姚雯琇 (2014). A Study on the Mixed Capacity Allocation and Scheduling Problems from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Manufacturing Process
      (成大製造所)      原料藥製造之結合產能分配與排程問題之研究

[18] 李怡荻 (2014). Constructing a Dynamic Defect Sampling Decision Framework for Equipment Health Monitoring in Semiconductor Manufacturing
      (清大工工所)      建立半導體製造設備健康監控之動態缺陷抽樣決策架構

[17] 藍裕斌 (2014). A Dynamic Project Dispatching Framework with Resource Constraints in IC Design Industry
      (清大工工所)      考慮資源限制下之動態IC設計專案派工架構

[16] 劉毓庭 (2014). Hybrid Estimation of Distribution Algorithm Combining Chance Constraint Programming to Solve Stochastic HFSP
      (清大工工所)     混合分布估計演算法結合機會約束規劃求解隨機彈性流程型排程問題

[15] 林其寬 (2014). Partition and assess a set of subordinates
      (交大工管所)      將一組屬下分群並評量績效

[14] 黃洋城 (2014). Virtual-Gap-Analysis for assessing a set of units
      (交大工管所)      依據虛擬差額評量各受評者在群體中之績效

[13] 楊逸群 (2014). AVM Enabled Wheel Machining Automation System
      (成大製造所)      具備全自動虛擬量測功能的鋁圈加工自動化系統

[12] 許智誠 (2014). Novel Metrology Data Quality Evaluation Scheme for the AVM System
      (成大製造所)      適用於全自動虛擬量測系統的新穎量測資料品質評估架構

[11] 杜佳駿 (2014). Automatic Virtual Metrology System Refinement Based on Private Cloud Technology.
      (成大製造所)                                   基於私有雲技術精進全自動虛擬量測系統

[10] Tseng, Wei-Chieh (曾煒傑, 2014), AVM Development System with Failover and Load-Balancing Capabilities
      (成大製造所)                                   具容錯轉移與負載平衡能力之全自動虛擬量測佈署系統

[9] Su, Yu-Jhih (蘇郁智, 2014), The development of a real-time inventory system- case of the electric mechanical engineering project
      (成大製造所)                      即時性存貨系統之建構- 以機電工程專案為例

[8] Lin, Pu-Shiu (林璞秀, 2014), Solving delivery quantity and lots delivery considering integrated inventory management and controllable lead time
      (成大製造所)                      結合整合存貨管理及可控前置時間求解出貨數量及批次策略問題

[7] Huang,Hsuan-Heng (黃暄恆, 2013), Intelligent Parameter Screening Scheme for the AVM System.
      (成大製造所)                                 適用於全自動虛擬量測系統之智慧型參數篩選機制

[6] Wu,Chu-Chieh (吳竺潔, 2013), Intelligent Sampling Decision Scheme for  the AVM System.
      (成大製造所)                            適用於全自動虛擬量測系統之智慧型取樣決策機制

[5] Fang, Shiang-Ren (方祥任, 2013), Method for Forecasting Wafer-Output Schedule based on Fuzzy-Decision Tree.
      (成大製造所)                                基於模糊決策樹之晶圓產出時程推估方法

[4] Hsieh,Min-Hsuan (謝旻軒, 2013), Development  of an Advanced Manufacturing Cloud for Machine Tools.
      (成大製造所)                               發展應用於工具機產業之先進製造雲

[3] Lin,Yu-Chieh (林煜捷, 2013), Implementation of an Intelligent Predictive Maintenance System.
      (成大製造所)                          智慧型預測保養系統之實作

[2] Wang,Sheng-Chi (王聖齊, 2013), Automatic Baseline-Sample-Selection (ABSS) Scheme for Building BPM Models.
      (成大製造所)                                適用於建構健康基底預測保養模型之自動化健康樣本挑選機制

[1] Yang, Chih-Yao (楊智堯, 2013), The Design and Analysis of Cell Layout for the Emergency Department from a Medial Center.
      (成大製造所)                              醫學中心急診室單元工程佈置設計與分析

M.B.A./M.S. Degree
[34] 陳錚瑩 (2017). 運用分析層級程序法探究國民小學課後社團之家長決策因素- 以台中市烏日區僑仁國小為例

[33] 黃柏盛 (2017). 國小教師、家長子女教育期望與課後托育方案決策因素之研究- 以台中市為例

[32] 陳瑋徵 (2017). 家長選擇讓孩子就讀藝術才能音樂班之決策因素研究-以台中市為例

[31] 江柏宣 (2017). A Facility Location Problem with Customer Perference and Endogenous Capacity Decision
      (台大資管)    考慮顧客偏好與內生產能決策之設施位置問題

[30] 林怡安 (2017). iSMART: An Approximation Algorithm for Fair Job Allocation on Unrelated Machines
      (台大資管)    iSMART近似演算法:考慮公平性與機台歧異性之工作分配問題

[29] 洪筱昀 (2017). Optimal Multi-Type Arc Restoration Scheduling Considering Blocked Traffic for Pipeline Networks in Post-Disaster Management.
      (成大工資)    考慮多類管線與交通不便之災後管線網路最佳修復排程研究

[28] 吳孟修 (2017). Optimal Arc Restoration Scheduling fo Rooted Tree.
      (成大工資在職專班)                  單根樹狀網路之最佳節線重建排程研究   

[27] 辛亞恬 (2017). A Study of Electric Vehicle Innovation Business Model by Using TRIZ Method.
      (成大工程管理碩士在職專班)   以萃智方法探討電動車輛之創新營運模式

[26] 賴沼勳 (2016). The Use of Lean Management Principles in Solving a Third-Party Logistics Improvement and Strategy Problem.
      (成大工程管理碩士在職專班)   精實管理原則運用於第三方物流作業改善與合作策略之研究   

[25] 蔡泓欣 (2016). The Relationship between TOYOTA Corporate Sustainability Responsibility and TOYOTA Way.
      (成大工程管理碩士在職專班)   豐田企業永續責任與豐田模式之關係   

[24] 周昌宜 (2016). A Study on Predicting the Nonperiodic Building Maintenance Cost- for School Buildings of NCKU.
      (成大工程管理碩士在職專班)   預測大樓建築物非定期建築修繕維護成本之研究- 以國立成功大學教學大樓為例

[23] 張貽筑 (2016). A Study of the Abnormal Measage Management for the Electronic Factory Utilities System by PLM and Data Mining Methods.
      (成大工程管理碩士在職專班)   產品生命週期與資料探勘應用於電子廠公用系統異常訊息管理之研究

[22] 黃柏威 (2016). Planning Studies for the Evacuation of the Public Hazardous Material Disaster Event- Case of S Company.
      (成大工程管理碩士在職專班)   公共危險物品災害疏散避難規劃之研究- 以S公司為例

[21] 姜日炘 (2016). A Study on the Improve of Hotspot on TFT-LCD Display by Applying TRIZ
      (成大工程管理碩士在職專班)   運用TRIZ理論於液晶顯示器模組光學不均現象之改善研究   

[20] 張正輝 (2016). The Study of Applying Product Lifecyle Management to Improve Conflicts in New Product Development
      (成大工程管理碩士在職專班)   應用產品生命週期管理改善新產品開發之生產衝突研究   

[19] 葉積儒 (2015). Content and quality trend analysis of the cSR reports of China Steel Company
      (成大工程管理碩士在職專班)   中鋼企業社會責任報告書內容與品質趨勢分析

[18] 陳旭宗 (2015). Screening the Business Performance Indicators- Chemical Material Company as an Example
      (成大工程管理碩士在職專班)   精煉企業績效指標- 以化學材料公司為例

[17] 何怡瑩 (2015). Using Sample Average Approximation to Solve a Two-Echelon Inventory System Problem Subject to Service Level Constraints
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      (成大工資)    考慮單一隨機限制式之快速篩選法

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      (成大工資)   考量具有等待時間限制式之航空站安全檢查問題

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      (成大工資)   具不精確資料之網路生產系統效率評比- 以台灣成衣製造公司為例

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      (成大工資)   以差額變數資料包絡分析法探討具不精確資料之網路生產系統效率評比

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      (元智資管)                                  應用粒子群演算法於晶粒尺寸設計最佳化

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      (成大工資)                              以疊代式路徑生成法求解列車設計問題