POLab Life

        "Life is a melody with many smiles-and-tears bondings ~"    - Chia-Yen Lee

(2018) Photo with Prof. Shi-Chung Chang, Prof. Tsong P. Perng, Delta CTO Chien Tan Lien, Prof. Fan-Gang Tseng, and Delta Delta Director Feng-Yu Lear Li at the 5th Delta Advanced Automation Contest.

(2018) Photo with Chin-Yi Jean Tseng, Bai-Jian Allan Chou, and Bo-Kai John Jang for IMIS graduation

(2018) Photo with Prof. Wen-Chih Chen, Prof. Leon McGinnis, and Kan Wu in the International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing Intelligence (ISMI2018)

(2017) POLab birthday  celebration~

(2017) Photo with Prof. Yi-Chi Wang, Prof. Chen-Fu Chien, Tsung-Lun Tsai, Jia-Ying Cai, and Shao-Yen Hung in the 27th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM2017)

(2017) Lecture "Data Science in Manufacturing" invited by Taiwan Data Science Foundation at  Academia Sinica, Taiwan

(2017) Photo with Jia-Ying Cai, Tsung-Lun Tsai, Shao-Yen Hung, Ting-Syun Huang, and Zao-Hung Dong at IMIS graduation ceremony

(2017) Welcome party to Prof. Chen-Fu Chien

(2017) Magna Cum Laude (second prize), big data analytics competition for semiconductor manufacturing

(2016) Dr. Andrew Johnson visiting NCKU

(2016) POLab Big GM and Happy New Year

(2016) Photo with Chia-Lung Liang, Jun-Hua Zeng, Yung-Lun Lin at IMIS graduation ceremony

(2016) POLab Penghu tour and business visiting of Chung-An Acquatic Farm

(2015) Photo with Prof. Han-Lin Li and Prof. Hsiao-Fan Wang at Industrial Engineering Exhibition of Ministry of Science and Technology

(2015) POLab members at Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers (CIIE) Conference & Annual Meeting

(2015) Graduate students Mio and Vicky. Oral defense clear!

(2015) POLab with Prof. Chen-Fu Chien and NCKU EMGP students at Semiconductor Technologies Empowerment Partners Consortium

(2015) Workshop on Data Envelopment Analysis for Energy & Environmental Modeling, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

(2015) POLab Business Visiting and Fab Tour
            (photo by Tsung-Lun Tsai)

(2014) POLab X'mas

(2015) POLab Year-End Party

(2013) Wei-Yi student presentation in ISSM
            (co-advised with Prof. Taho Yang)

(2013) Shu-Hung student master thesis award in SCM
            (co-advised with Prof. Taho Yang)

(2012) Photo with Prof. Knox Lovell

(2014) Dr. Lee's MS advisor- Prof. Chen-Fu Chien

(2011) Everything starts from this moment ...

(2012) Dr. Lee's Ph.D advisor- Prof. Andrew (Andy) Johnson